Please Note - All orders take 3-5 working days to be processed
Please Note - All orders take 3-5 working days to be processed
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About Us

Cheveux Secrets was founded to bridge a gap in the hair industry. The company was birthed and aims to offer the best natural human hair extensions. Ladies enjoy shopping and spending to make themselves look beautiful especially when it comes to their hair however the hair shopping process can be very daunting. This is due to the hair market being over saturated with a vast variety of suppliers along with information. Many of us have felt really frustrated by this process especially when you have taken the time out to research and buy a product based on a review only to find that the quality is unsatisfactory.

Our founder had found she was constantly going through this process watching many youtube reviews and searching for numerous online reviews however the end result was always the same poor customer service and poor quality hair leading her to waste her hard earn cashed. From this She decided to start Cheveux secrets. She saw at the time only processed hair was in the market and wanted to provide her customers hair that was not only similar to their texture but superior quality. 

Cheveux Secrets offers an array of only the best authentic virgin hair extension. Our quality and texture is incomparable and superior. We are exceptional because we ONLY offer virgin hair with cuticles layers facing the same direction from root to tip. This ensures that your extensions behaves like your own hair and guarantees longevity, lustre and unbelievable movement.

Our Mission

We know customers expect a long lasting quality product. Cheveux Secrets has over 5 years of industry experience. Our team has demonstrated extensive research in order to strive and create the perfect formula with an immeasurable customer service, a compelling shopping experience and luxurious hair extensions.

We guarantee that with our hair you will fell quality you have never experienced before